Stuck on riders are being added

Update. I had already checked it was paired.

I joined a group ride and it’s been saying finding riders for 20 min. I’ve been staring at it since 7:05 and it’s 7:26. When I pedal nothing changes. I am paired and I just used it last night and this morning on another course ok. This was the 3 by 13 7:05am PST ride on Nov 29. I have been fooling with this thing since 6:43 and it’s 7:28. 45 min wasted no workout and I’m late to work.

That sucks! Ready for interval pain first thing in the morning and instead you get :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Did you try shutting down Zwift completely and restarting it?

You mention having already ridden prior to the group ride. In theory, you should not have to leave and reenter Zwift, but the reality is that there are bugs. That said, I always save, exit, and shutdown Zwift between rides even if they’re back to back rides in order to limit the chances of something like this happening.

This happens to me 100% of the time if I try to join a ride after the start time. Super annoying.

Same thing with me this morning, so just rode alone for 30 minutes. Anyone figured this out yet…? Rebooted one ti.e after 5 minutes tried again and then just rode on alone… frustrating…

This happened to me again on Tuesday. I tried rejoining the ride about five times. I finally just left it in “Finding Riders” mode and started riding around Watopia and eventually ran into the group. I managed to stick with the group for the remainder I just had to always pick the right direction as it wouldn’t automatically choose the correct route at intersections. It was pretty annoying.

I found that being in the starting pen about 5 minutes before the ride/race start eliminate 99% of this problem.

I think of it like a crowd entering the theater, if you are early you just walk in and find a seat, if you wait til the movie start you have to wait at the door as many want to enter at the same time.