Stuck in Innsbruck

(Don Stimson (TrainerRoad)) #1

I’ve been stuck at innsbruck for about the last month with no means visible to me for changing out of this world (unless maybe I join an event taking place elsewhere). How do I get back to riding the regularly scheduled course?

I realize that there is a way to manually edit the prefs.xml file to select a course, but i did not do that to get to Innsbruck and should not have to do that to get out. I thought maybe it was connected to the Wahoo Challenge, but that challenge ended on the 23rd, and I am still stuck at Innsbruck.

(Aaron Zwanzig [DIRT]) #2

Here’s a related post. If you delete your prefs.xml file zwift will recreate it, hopefully solving the problem.

(Don Stimson (TrainerRoad)) #3

Thanks Aaron. I’ll give that a try…

(Don Stimson (TrainerRoad)) #4

Didn’t work. Still stuck on Innsbruck course!

(Don Stimson (TrainerRoad)) #5

Was finally able to get out of Innsbruck by signing up for an event taking place in NYC. Didn’t actually do the event - logged on, joined the event early, worlds switched, then I quit the event and exited before it actually started. When I logged back on, I was still in New York - success!

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