Is Innsbruck a new “world” or a “course” and what’s the difference?

Will we have 4 worlds to choose from?

I have seen it referred to as a course but not sure what that term means.

The Zwift Pref app shows Innsbruck as an option in the course column but there are still only 3 worlds listed -  Watopia, London and Richmond.   The Zwift map app does not display the map of Innsbruck.

Maybe I just need to be patient.


Still Thanks for the new option.

Looks great.



Hi Tim.

You will have to update ZwiftMap to at least version 1.3.1 to have it support Innsbruck. 

if you still have problems with ZwiftPref, or zwift-preferences, please contact me via the contact form at, and I will try to help you. They should both support choosing all maps and routes without you having to do anything special.

Jesper from ZwiftHacks


Innsbruck is a new “course” technically. Watopia, London, Richmond, and Innsbruck are all Courses. They different routes within these courses are called Routes (such as Hilly, London Loop, Flat Loop, etc). You can find more details about Routes and Courses in our guide:

Thanks for writing in!