Stryd & Zwift

Tried Zwift for the 1st time today and I like it.

I do have a few questions.
First my setup.

  1. Stryd gen 2 footpod.
  2. Ipad with Zwift App
  3. Apple watch with Stryd app.
  4. Iphone with stryd app.
  5. standard treadmill.

I did not bring my iphone with my in the garage and I disabled the bluetooth just in case.

I started Zwift on the ipad and it connected to my Stryd footpad.
I mirrored the ipad to my tv and Zwift displayed fine and showed my pace and distance.

  1. I could not get my apple watch stryd app to work in conjunction with this workout. I opened the app but it would not start when I selected run on treadmill.
  2. It seems zwift does not recognize/factor in the incline on a treadmill. Anyway for it to take that into account?

Thank you very much.

You can only connect Stryd to one BT device. I believe that Zwift connects to Stryd via BT which will prevent the AW Stryd app connecting to the pod.

I connect my Treadmill (Techongyn Myrun) directly to zwift via BT and my Stryd pod to AW Ultra via BT. Hit start on both the TM and AW Stryd app within a couple of seconds of each other. Works ok. This allows me to compare the TM speed & cadence with Stryd speed and cadence while running.

Zwift does not display incline. When doing a zwift structured workout the runner will be instructed via on-screen text when to set the incline and by how much, but there is no provision for displaying it in-game… The AW Stryd app allows manual input of incline if the Treadmill Workout Profile was selected.

Thank you. I didn’t see Zwift asking to set incline. Maybe I selected a different workout that doesn’t ask for incline.