Stryd pod AND Treadmill Simultaneously?


(Travis Weber) #1

Does anyone know if you can use a Stryd foot pod and a blue tooth enabled treadmill simultaneously with Zwift?


(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

You could use the Bluetooth treadmill as a speed source and the Stryd for cadence.

(Liam Hudson [C]) #3

not sure what you mean by simultaneously. I have used Stryd on a treadmill and reocrded it as a run in Zwift. What more are you looking for? You either can get the data into Zwift via Stryd or if your treadmill is able to directly connect to Zwift you can do it there…

(Travis Weber) #4

My question was more around if I could connect both to gain extra metrics. The answer is yes, as per Paul’s reply. I tried it this morning and the iPad was able to connect to both devices at the same time. it pulled in cadence off the Stryd pod and married it with the treadmill data, which was pretty neat. Now I just need to try my heart rate monitor. Sorry Liam, I didn’t phrase my inquiry very well.

Thanks for the replies guys!