Stryd Doesn't Connect After May Update

I have 2 gens (4th and 5th) of Stryd pod that both used to connect just fine to Zwift but after the May update neither of them do. Updated Stryd firmware (4th gen needed no update) and tried again still no dice. Running Zwift on Galaxy Tab S7 FE if it matters. I searched here and Reddit to see if others are having this issue but I havent seen anyone else complain about it.

Hi Laura,

I’ve seen your other post. Have you read the full thread in the link above.

In a nutshell there are two things to try.

  1. Don’t try and pair on the initial pairing screen and go to the main menu. Click the pairing icon there and try.

  2. On the pairing screen click to ride mode then back again and try and pair.

One of these will work.

Hi Stuart,

Yes, I saw the existing topic regarding this issue. I apologize for posting in the wrong place. Quick fix #1 did work for me, hopefully Zwift can figure out what is wrong and permanently fix.

Thank you!

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