Streaming races in spectator mode. Anyway without paying for a second account?

Hi Everyone,

I like streaming races in spectator mode. Let’s me do it from a dedicated computer that does not interfere with my racing and I like the camera rotation. Until now I use zwift pref to set the world and then skip pairing. I use a trial account for this that’s expiring soon.

Is there any way to keep doing this without having to pay a second subscription? I heard that spectator mode works in trial but I am not sure it will work in any other world than watopia.


According to this you get a bunch of free k’s per month after the trial ends allocated at the beginning of the month. Since you are just using spectator mode, you are covered I would think.

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Yeah, you can spectate just fine using a trial account for as long as you please. Ignore the “just watch” option on the pairing screen and just continue to the main menu without pairing any sensors, enter the correct world normally and fan view your main account.

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The only restriction put on a 25km trial account is the distance you’re able to ride each. Since spectator mode doesn’t involve moving your avatar, an account on the 25km trial can be used to watch other Zwifters in Spectator mode as much as you’d like without an active membership.

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Very good news.

Than you @Lucas_M, @Anna_Ronkainen and @Dean for your responses.