Strava segments - Ghost rider

(stephen lathan ZZRC) #1

Would it be possible if you are linked to Strava to activate a ghost rider who rides at your best pace per segment. A readout would also be useful with you delta against your best time on each segment.

(Stef Levolger) #2

With Zwift logging your activities as well, it’d be nice to have a feature like this added in general. An option to select other riders as ghost rider to chase would be nice as well.

(- MattG) #3

The ability to chase a ghost of my own best lap or segment performance would be a killer feature for me. Not just the best time but my actual trace so I can see mistakes too.

This is a common feature of motor racing games etc, it works very well.

(> Alex (FastFitness.Tips)) #4

This is also already a feature of Tacx trainers virtual cycling smart trainers…all your previous rides are remembered. This would be excellent on Zwift too.