It would be great if there was a functionality to enable a ghost rider which will ride according to one of my previous completed rides. This way i can compared my current performance right away.

How are the chances for such a functionality? Selecting a completed ride (via file) which a ghost rider will then “re-run”.




Not a bad idea as long as the personal ghost looks like a see through version of your actual avatar otherwise the poor little thing will get lost in the murky world of blue ghosts. This would also help to identify other riders ghosts (helpful if they are your trainings partners ghosts for example)l

Here is my vote!

If such a feature is introduced, i hope you only can see your own ghost and not ones of others. Nobody needs a world stuffed with ghosts.

choose a ghost colour (other than blue) that would function similarly to the workout arches that only you can see but no one else can

Zwift could easily be like a garmin virtual racer, where it always displays your best lap and if you are in front or behind. I normally choose the figure 8 or hilly route, and never choose turns, so it could easily display this as long as you dont deviate from the menu selected course.

I am really tempted in buying the Wahoo ELEMNT for live strava segments and ditch my Garmin 500.

Not a bad idea, but I think it would be a monumental task.


I think it would be easier and better to just have a few ghost riders who show up on the start screen as “Join Riders” and be listed as 200 Watt Ghost, with various watt levels. A bit of draft motor-pacing and while not graduated for each rider, one could see how long he can draft 250 if he feels he can ride 200. You could even do intervals where you get ahead of that ghost for a minute or more, tuck back in when you need a little break.