Strava Permium/free Zwift Nov/Dec???

Pretty sure I read somewhere that Zwift was gifting the months of November and December 2016 to Strava Premium members after which the Strava promotion would end.

I’m a Strava Premium member and have been for 2-3 years. Yet Strava certainly charged me $10.85 for BOTH November and December.

What’s up with that?

Yeah, waddupwidat?

You get 2 months free of Zwift with Strava Premium, you do not get 2 months of Strava Premium free.

I believe he meant why are we being charged for Zwift and not Strava.

From my Zwift payment history:

| November 25, |   | $10.00 |

And it shows I’ll be billed 12/15 another $10.


If that is the case for you than you should submit a ticket so it gets look at.

Will do.



Oops. Of course I meant to say that Zwift has charged for Nov/Dec, not Strava.

Are you sure you’ve connected both services together, so that Zwift sees you as a valid member of Strava Premium in good standing?