Strava Groups

(Andrew Price-Stephens) #1

Hi - since you have an obvious relationship with Strava, I’m thinking it would be a good shout to pick the riders you see by the Strava groups you belong to.  It’s great that 300+ of us are riding but I’d like the option not to see you all.  Most cycling clubs have Strava Groups so clubs/associations can arrange rides on Zwift and the riders have a clearer view of who’s who.

(Leo O'Donnell - #2

If not Strava groups, at least provide cycling club as a visible profile item. We have a large cycling club with many loose members, first initial and last name doesn’t cut it when you’re looking to join a ride amongst 300 other riders.


If the Strava API gives it to you for free, that would be great since it would integrate my indoor and outdoor activities.