Strange results?

Hi there, I’m 48th in this race but i dont know why. I rode at 3.0 and performed better than some of the people above me yet i always seem to be dropped so easy in game and be down the list on ZwiftPower. Any idea why?

Your profile is set to private, so it’s not possible to check your details. Is it possible you were riding a TT bike? Maybe not in the draft or in a group as much as the others? Maybe you just used your power at less efficient times of the event?

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Results are now processed and you’re 46th. Looking at your stats you have a really flat power profile. For example your 15s power is one of the lowest in that event, likewise the 30sec 1min and 5min.

With those numbers you wont be able to get close to the front pack at the start (you should be holding 4-4.5w/kg min for a couple of minutes) and then you dont seem to have power to hang-on through the Leg Snapper either so you will have consistently got dropped from fellow riders each time you hit that.

Here’s a power curve of you and the guy that came 2nd - you both have an overall avg of 3.0 w/kg - spot your weakness!

Edit: by the way, 4 times up the Leg Snapper is hard going for anyone. Strong racers always make big gains on that stretch of road.