Still on old interface, and slow to upload/move worlds on events

Hi. My system hasn’t upgraded to the new interface and it can take upto 45 mins to run an upgrade, 20 mins to log on and upto 5 mins to switch worlds when joining an event. Only just got to my TT yesterday with 6 seconds in the pen after logging on 30 minutes before, and it’s getting very frustrating! Laptop is 5 years old but within min specs as advisd by Zwift insider -running an i5-3320 cpu and 8mb Ram and 1TBhdd. OS is Windows 10pro 64bit, so 'm confused ( not tech minded). Is the processor maybe too old ??
Grateful for any help - don’t really want to invest in a newer laptop as this one works fine for everything else, just so frustrating with Zwift ( which i use at least 3-4 times weekly). Thanks in advance

Are you using your laptop between Zwift sessions or only switching it on before you Zwift each time? It could be that you are receiving Windows 10 updates and these can easily trip over your Zwift downloads.

The new UI still hasn’t been rolled out to a few configurations with integrated graphics that Zwift knows that don’t handle the new UI well. Yours is probably one of those.

If you can swap your HDD for an SSD it will make a world of difference.

Whilst the CPU is old that’s not your main problem. I have a old laptop with a i7-2670QM CPU
which is only about 60% the speed of your i5-3320M. Mine loads Zwift much faster, about 1 min to startup and only a few min to do an update. However I have 32 MB of RAM and Win 10 64 runs of an m-sata disk.

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As some suggested already getting a SSD will help a lot and with that I would do a clean fresh windows install.

How fast is your internet speed?

Thanks all, I use the laptop a lot between Zwift sessions and it’s regularly updated and disk managed. Other members of the family have no problem so don’t think its internet speed, so I think a new laptop with SSD and better graphics is on the way. Thanks again