Still no Firecracker shirt

Hello everyone! The 4th of July I completed Firecracker 4 miler with a friend and none of us got the shirts. Someone uploaded in facebook a screenshot of zwift support replying a mail about this, so I did the same but never got an answer :frowning:
Here’s the report of the event:

Im Lucho Moretta and my friend is Gabriel Falconier.

Still… no replies from zwift. Anyone in the same situation?

i think none of us got the firecracker tee… those that had it were from their event last year… yeah i know it would be nice to have the tee which look really great…

Sorry for replying so late, forgot to check my notifications in zwift forums lol!
Check this
Lots got their shirts this year! I want mine :frowning:

this is stupid… users have to individual complaint to get the kit? have they given you the kit @LuchoMoretta?

Nope, as I posted one month ago, sent a mail on that day (july 19). But still no reply! Lots of people sent mails and got their shirts