Sticky thread in Bugs & Support listing major/current known issues?

Every time there’s a major issue (latest one being Neo road feel), the initial posts are collected together from Bugs & Support/General Discussion/Game update thread and moved into the Known Issues board. That’s fine, but it effectively removes the issue from view in the most commonly used boards, and we then get a ton of duplicates in those same boards as people don’t check KI before posting.

Could there be a sticky post in B&S and/or GD which people can check first, with links to the KI threads in question? Thinking big bold/capital letters, saying ‘Check here first’.

I have my view set to the “latest” posts as default, that way it doesn’t matter what category the posts are in, the feed always has whatever is new and all the pinned threads are listed at the top of the page. This of course still requires people to read things… which is always going to be an issue…

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Yeah I do that too, but I can see why people don’t.

I’ll second this idea, if you open the forums on mobile it opens it in the different boards view by default not ordered by latest. And if people open it from the companion app that’s the view they’ll see.

Is it possible to have the sticky threads at the top regardless of which view you have?


I certainly think Zwift need to be listing all the known issues somewhere so you can search if it is a known issue so

  1. You dont waste time trying to debug something that is already well known
  2. There is something they can refer too when they start there montly release sprints so we can get some of the really long running bugs and issues squashed more efficiently .
  3. Allow us to have more constructive conversations in the forum and help users better on issues
  4. Allow us to work better with Zwift in insuring there is no disjoint between user experience and what they think user experience is .
  5. General good understanding on what is going on , we never really know if a bug is actually acknowledged , known , being addressed , fixed even. Those of us who have been here a while have seen in the past how issues can be discused for months and months and Zwift internally didnt even have it as a known bug or issue at all .

Cant help but think on #2 we have a last in , first out approach to this rather than the first in , or highest impact ( noise ratio) . Maybe its just if a bug turns up in the right place at the right time ? Either way it seems not well managed from at least a customer facing perspective , whether than is right on wrong , a published list would certainly address that…

I know Zwift wont naturally what to do that at as they havent in the past ( recently I think it is improving) really like to be that open and customer focused (IMO) . but they should. It would benefit them immensely with customer retention and acquisition too.

Whether than should be a sticky forum post or not I am not so sure , its probably not the best place to put that . It should ideally just be a customer sanitised view into there own bug list .

Maybe a link off or something.


Bump. Latest update has an absolute ton of problems and the forum is a joke with new people asking the same questions over and over.

Enough is enough, you need to stop relying on mugs like me doing the work for you.


Yet again, this time with the challenge popup crap.

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