Steering with keyboard arrows?

The newly released steering feature doesn’t seem complex enough to require a steering device, does it?

All the steering feature does is simply change lines, which keyboard arrows should do the job.

Currently you can’t use the Kickr Climb and the steering at the same time but I find that ridiculous.

I’m on an Apple TV, so I never interact with the keyboard while riding, but it seems to me that if I were just tooling around, I wouldn’t really need to pick a specific line, and if I were riding hard/racing, I wouldn’t want to reach out and interact with the keyboard every few seconds in order to steer :thinking: Thoughts?

It will be nice for People that do have a kb and mouse near by. I would like that option.

I know not everyone has a kb but some that do can use it.


You can attach a mini controller to handlebars (or hoods) and assign keyboard arrows to its buttons if you don’t like keyboard.
Users should be able to use what they have. Forcing everyone to use that steering device makes not much sense.


Can’t see how we’ll get any of this whilst there’s an exclusivity arrangement with Elite.


It appears that all steering will be is changing the lane that your avatar is in. It would be easy enough for them to simply allow the user to set what keys or controls they want to use to trigger this action. It would be as simple as going into the settings, having a controls/buttons/keys page, click on ‘turn right’ and press the button or key you want. It could even work if you plugged a game controller in and wanted to use that. This is a problem that has been solved by the gaming developers decades ago.

As for why, there a number of good reasons. First is you should not lock features behind expensive third party accessories. Second is said accessory will not fit everyone’s setups, it doesn’t work with the full trainer bikes or with the kickr climb for example. Third is changing lanes will be incredibly important in races for drafting and breaking away, and something so important should not be held back from your paying customers.


Or even add the arrows to the companion app to allow side to side movement? We already have the ability to turn round on the app (plus more).


voice activated steering would be interesting - just saying left or right to move would probably be easier than trying to hit the correct button.

How about a webcam or front facing camera that tracks your eyes/head so you automatically steer where you are looking

You’d have to keep pretty still on the sprints!

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