Steering and collisions

To me in that video looks to be like going back to older versions of the pack dynamics that were basically a small group of riders riding constantly thought each other.

Zwift remake of the Human Centipede

You can pass through people from behind, you can’t left to right.

Just on with Coco and it means you can move up through the group which I’m guessing was the intention…

Still get pushed out to side of the road for no reason

Did a race and tried to hold draft against 1-2 rider with steering. That is actually really hard, kept oversteering. They need draft assist like aim assist on console games for fts. There should be a sweet spot you auto lock on and requires like .2-.3 seconds of extra pushing to fall out of.

Nobody said it was going to be easy i’m not sure having a sticky draft is going to be a good idea we all know how much that was hated

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Not a sticky draft but, if you are in the ideal sweet spot of the draft in front, it might take an extra amount of steering push to get out of it so you don’t auto slip out.

And can always make it riders option to have it enabled or disabled.