Steady w/kg

Will do - thanks!

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On the road, the gears function is to maintain your cadence. If you got big thick powerful legs like a bodybuilder, you would probably want a lower cadence, otherwise a higher cadence such as the one you are using would be preferable. Too high a cadence like 120rpm though loses efficiency.

Thanks James! I actually do have pretty solid legs and found that I climb better than most. I end up falling behind on the flats! :slight_smile: I definitely don’t get to the 100+ range as I find it too uncomfortable.

Did a 1.0-1.3 ride yesterday and kept up with the lead pack for the first hour (maybe a bit more). I think they then decided to up the pace as I got dropped quick. I did pick up the sweep and pushed through to the end with them.

A few things.

  1. Riding in a pack/ group at 1.5wkg will have a different speed as riding solo at the same wattage.
  2. Staying the group will allow you some time to lay off the gas for a second or two depending…….
  3. Once you fall out/ drop back. You have to do more wattage/ ride faster or than the group to catch back on. It only gets harder the further you drop back. You will need to burn some matches most likely.
  4. The red beacon have to ride harder than the yellow beacon to bring back the stragglers. Or you guys will be staying back there in your little group if you can form one.
  5. Let the group go if you fall off and try again in a day or two. Some days we all just don’t have it.
  6. Try riding with pacer partner Diesel (D group) more often. He has a better set pace than a group ride with same posted wattage.

Good luck.

Greg, Thanks!!! I do try to push to get back to the pack sometimes but find myself putting out all I have and not gaining so I usually just settle into a comfortable pace/power/cadence that will allow me to finish but still push a bit.

I’ve tried a couple of times to get with the D group pacer and it was not pretty. Again, I’m definitely at 1.0-1.2 working hard. Trying to maintain 1.5 would be 100% output and still not be enough. So I need to work up to those but good reminder to join Diesel once in a while to see how I’m doing.