status for workout stages

Im not sure what the algorithm for getting a star or not on the different stages in workout mode.  If the goal is to have average power/cadence, etc over the stage time, it would be cool to have the display tell me that i am on track to get a star opr not and what I need to do to get the star on the workout.  If i don’t get a star, it would be nice to tell me what I missed so i can work to improve.

I really like the workout modes and the stages are a great way to get good structured training in.  The whole idea of gamification could be taken up another level if the game could tell us if we are on track to met the stage requirements, or if we need to speed up, slow down, etc to meet the current stage’s requirements as to whether I get a star.  Its kinda sad to when I dont get a star for a stage, but don’t know why.

I agree with you wholeheartedly.  Not knowing the criteria, and current status for a segment makes these workouts pretty frustrating.   

I did a custom version of Sufferfest Revolver today (in ERG mode) and failed several segments.  I have NO idea why I failed them… could have been too fast… too slow, but A) I have almost no control over my power in ERG, and even if I did, I have no idea if I am on track to ‘star’ a segment.

i’m disappointed to see the  down votes.  I’d be interested to hear why anyone would think this is a bad idea.