Stationary Bike Cadence to Speed with Zwift, Stryde, Peloton etc

I will preface the discussion with “Google Play does not like a screen size over 18 inches” and will not allow Play downloads on oversize screens.

I have a Stryde Bike, very similar to the basic Peloton Bike and has a 21.5 inch Android Tablet Touchscreen. The bike tracks watts, cadence, total power in kj, and the resistance setting. All this data is uploaded to Stryde when you do a workout. However, with the large screen, you cannot run Zwift on the Android Tablet.

My moderately accurate workaround (submarine sailors jury rig everything).
I have installed a Wahoo cadence and speed sensor. The speed sensor is taped to the wheel about an inch from the axle. The Wahoo system talks to my Galaxy S20+ Zwift App which then mirrors to my 2nd laptop monitor. I manually adjust my resistance with what I see for percent grades.

The end result is that I am able to ride and experience the Zwift environment reasonably well, but not so well with regards to speed. If I let my cadence get over 55 on the flats I can really go unreasonably fast. To slow myself, I really crank up the resistance.

I would like my cadence:speed ratio to drop and wonder how I can do this? Which of the trainers that a person can select would meet my needs, even though I am not using that particular model? C’mon engineers, I know you are out there.

And I like my Stryde since I can cruise and watch movies.

Best option is power pedals or if you can install a power crank.

Zwift don’t know what resistance setting you are on and don’t have a power curve for the spinning bike.

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