Starting my second winter season

Hey friends!

Last winter was my first season of zwift. I am hoping to get going again today, and had a question, a broad one. Last season I got okay at looking ahead and finding events to join during the week, but it made it hard when I just wanted to get on and ride at other times.

How do I use zwift to just ride, like I would if I came home from work and wanted to just go out on a ride for half an hour, or an hour? I’m fairly new to watopia still.



Just choose a route on any of the available worlds (Watopia plus two others on rotation) and go.

Also, you might want to consider trying out one of the pace partners that suits the pace you’d like to ride. Those are easy to jump in and out of as well, and that used to be what I would do if I just wanted to ride for a bit without any specific goal.

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I guess I’ll have to poke around a little today. That just drop in and ride idea is what I don’t feel real fluid in. Events have a planned distance and elevation and route etc. I guess it’s just more of an adventure and I just start somewhere and take some random lefts and rights and let it take me where it does. And then I just ride until I’m tired and then get off and it records my ride?

The directions are automatic based on the route you choose, most are loops so you get back to the beginning eventually. Obviously you can also choose to take any manual turn you want, but you then don’t always loop back and you lose the opportunity to get the route badge if it’s one you haven’t done before.

Some very good advice above. Also look at the route badges it is a nice challenge to try to get all the route badges.

@Matt_Peulen , I definitely use pace partners (Robot Riders or something like that now, I think) for drop-in rides like that, there is often a nice big group around them.

Using the pace partners is a great way to learn Watopia and also Makuri. The route length, elevation and average pace is shown for the pace partner before you make a selection. If you don’t know your way around that well then try to keep your eyes open and absorb the mini map in relation to the visuals, you will soon learn.

A great tip is to use the pace partner for getting warm and then leaving the group with a manual turn to complete your own specific effort. Maybe a short/ long climb or a timed threshold effort etc.

If you are joining a pace partner that is in your upper range then choose free ride on the same route as them, do your warm up and wait for the pacer group to swallow you up & then up your effort (works well on short loops). You can be really imaginative on how you use the pacers, mix it up and have fun.

Hey Matt.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the monthly mega resource thread: Zwift Resource Megathread - October 2022 🗺

There are a TONNE of linked resources and ideas for keeping Zwift fresh.

Coincidentally, this is my second full season on Zwift. Achievement and route badge hunting, the Everest Challenge, and friendly group rides kept me occupied for 5500km on the trainer last winter.