START every ride in "first person shooter" view

I can’t see any reason to use any other view than the “rider’s perspective” (i.e., equivalent to a “first person shooter” view) which I think is view #4 (right after “looking backwards”). I don’t see any other view making sense for a serious cyclist doing a hard workout?

If each workout just STARTED in this view it would save me (and probably a lot of others?) a few minutes (at least) from every workout. 

The most annoying aspect of starting every workout is pairing my phone’s Zwift app with my laptop so that I can change the view. That is often the only time I need to use the app. (because I have multiple wifi networks so must check laptop and phone settings to make sure they are connecting to same SSID, etc.).


I like view one as do most people.

I am very prone to motion sickness (as are quite a few people) and the first person mode will make me sick.  I need the rear 3rd person view to have something stationary in my view to prevent it.  Allowing you to choose what view you to default to would be reasonable but please do not have it start in first person view.

You don’t need the app to change view, you can press the number button on the laptop. (I think the view you like is number button 4 on the Laptop)

BRILLIANT!! Thank you so much. I never knew that simple solution existed.

I think there is a lot of functionality in the software that is not evident or well documented or well explained.

Glad I could be of help. For more info look at this site