Star system

Just starting out on Zwift. Completed a task and only received 12/15 stars. How do I find out where I fell short?

“a task” as in a workout?

If it was a workout, did you complete all the sections/pieces at the required power? If not, you won’t get a star for those parts you weren’t able to do. For example, if the interval 250W for 10min and you only did 240W for 10min or you skipped ahead after 5min to the rest interval, you won’t get your :star:

As Lin said if you are talking about a workout it has to do with your performance of the individual tasks (intervals) in the workout itself.
In the workout you should see a list of the intervals as well as on screen prompts during the interval. During the interval, if you are not within the required band for that interval, you should get a prompt that says, Increase Power or Decrease Power. I can’t say exactly how long it takes but if you are outside of the prescribed band for enough time you fail the interval. (Yes, you can fail a rest interval by putting out too much power. I know from experience.)
I hope this helps.

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On a workout, you may be given a power and a cadence goal.
The power target is the more important of the two.
You will earn stats based on the power goal.
I treat the cadence as an optional or secondary goal.