Staggered starts

What is the point of race categories if almost all race organisers let all the groups start at once. It takes away the tactics as you really dont know who are in the same class and who is not.
For me races are always the same like this, i am B, so whoever can hang on to the A group wins.
Why dont they choose for the staggered starts so that you are actually racing your group. I always have to start at A group pace untill i blow up. Takes the fun away.
I know there are some races that do it right, but most dont. Anyone know why? Maybe a race organiser, what is the idea of letting everybody startt together?

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I reckon this as well

However, this can help:

  1. On zwiftpower you can filter on these type of starts. (Companion app also shows whether or not there are staggered starts)
  2. Look at the colors of riders in the screen at the right. You know which to follow.