Mass Starts Suck

I don’t understand why the majority of race organisers have all grades, A through D, starting at once.

I get there might be a place for it for the sadists/people with higher FTP but lower max power… but for a fat C grade sprinter like me, it just allows the slightly stronger people who can hold the A/B wheels longer to ride away in the draft.

I raced in a “verified” league race (where the organisers can check weight and training data), but with the mass start (A-D together), it may as well’ve had 100 sandbaggers entered… such is the effect it has on the race.

Rant over. :joy::joy::cry::rotating_light:

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Yeah I hear you. Have you raced the crit course? the ones I have raced have had separated categories. If you use zwiftpower I believe they note which races aren’t mass start (i.e. separated categories). If you don’t get into it.

Cheers, I’ll have a look for some separated starts!

I think anti-sandbagging controls X seperate start times would be peak zwift!

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I totally agree with you @Lachlan_Cosgrove having mass start events spoil the racing experience for B,C and D riders.

  1. You don’t know where your opponents is because the leader board is filled with alphabet soup.
  2. No Group tactics, racers just hang on the fasted group for dear life.

I assume you are talking about the KOA racing league. :sunglasses:

But we know this is a option the organizer need to set, so it is not in Zwift’s hands how organizer’s run the events.

So send the organizer a e-mail (I have a few times :blush:)


Ah I just helped a QLDer :frowning: I hope I don’t get kicked out of NSW. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guess you all haven’t done a MTB race with a LeMans start…

O yes, I have done many races with many different configurations and the most fun and competitive ones are those that group you with similar ability riders, you get to feel the race tactics even if you are not a pro.

It is easy for A rider to jump in a mass start race because he will be in the front of the race and have tactics just like if b,c and d was not there. But for us in B,C and D we don’t get that experience.

We just want to pretend we race like the Pro’s just slower. :blush:


I shower like a Pro…

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Exactly this! A pro who likes donuts and doesn’t train! But still a tactical master… :joy::joy::joy: