Sprint/KOM Tracker

A visual indicator of how many sprints/KOM’s have been completed and what’s pending – with an ETA – would be very useful. Visually what I have in mind is akin to an abacus below the central status box. The pending sprints are beads on the right. As the rider completes each sprint, the next bead is moved to the left. In between the two sets can be an ETA for the next bead/sprint. Completed beads could be changed or annotated to indicate 1st, a new PR, and things like that.

For example, if I’m on Sprinter’s Playground there would be 4 beads on the right when I start. If I’m doing a 25km event on that route, long enough to do two laps, there would be 8 beads when I begin. As I finish each sprint, the beads are moved to the left.

When a long-term route is not planned, there would always be a single bead on the right. It would be the next sprint/KOM assuming the rider makes no turns to the left, right, or a u-turn.

In either case, the ETA would provide enough notice for a rider to switch gears, speed up, or do whatever they want to get ready for the sprint’s start.