Spotify now automatically pauses as soon as I switch back to Zwift app [iOS]

I’ve been using Zwift on my iPad since December (2021) and have had 0 issues playing Spotify and Zwift together.

What I would do is setup my Zwift session, get everything connected and right before selecting “Ride” I would go to “Home” open up Spotify, press Play to start the music and then switch back to Zwift. Normally the music will continue to play and I’m still able to hear Zwift sound effects minus the menu music.

However, recently, perhaps after an update, when I Play Spotify and switch back to Zwift, as soon as Zwift comes back into focus, my Spotify music will auto-pause. Perhaps the menu music is trying to take priority over Spotify but it never used to do this.

Anyone else have this issue? Any ideas?