iOS voice-to-text pauses Spotify music; which doesn't restart

(Darren Linkin (True 2.5)) #1

2 weeks ago when listening to Spotify from my iphone 5s, when I also had the Zwift ios app and used voice-to-text, it would (beautifully) pause the Spotify music, but then once the message sent Spotify would go back to “play.” This Saturday I found that in that situation Spotify would pause but not restart…I’d have to re-open spotify on the iphone and hit play. Not a huge deal but did lots of texting while leading rides. In the interim I did not update Spotify on my iphone, I don’t know if I did update the ios zwift app, but I think the mac zwift app did update. 

I suspect it’s zwift doing this since it seems there was a similar problem with zwift music in the past:–Bug-Audio-bug-with-released-version-of-Zwift-for-iOS