Split times in Zwift (real-time_


During a cycling TTT on Zwift, anyone know of a way (official or hack-wise) to capture real-time splits ? Lets say I want to know how much time taken per kilometer during the activity rather than backcalculate in the head what this is from kph readings? Not sure if anyone thought about this before and found a solution, specifically for ITTs and TTTs.


If you use a cycle computer to capture at the same time, could you use the lap button each km?

Not a great option, but might do what you need. Garmin connect shows the data for each lop under the activity.

Also not sure if you can change the default lap length to do this automatically.

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You can use many 3rd party software to analyze your rides. like Golden Cheetah

I wasn’t referring to post ride analysis. I’m a long time user of Golden Cheetah.

I’m referring to in-game hacks, a real-time metric. From my understanding, this feature was requested several times and nothing has been delivered so far.

Thanks Paul, looks like this is the only way at the moment.

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