Split-screen for Companion - please add

Please add support for the Zwift Companion in split-screen mode.

It’s very useful to be able to have, say, both ZC and Discord running at the same time (e.g. with Discord in push-to-talk mode) in split-screen. This means you don’t have to keep switching between two apps and can use both at the same time.

Right now the Companion mostly works in split screen, but the Map view in-game doesn’t work properly, in that the buttons don’t work. The buttons at the bottom of the display are usually blank, and don’t work if you press on them. Also it doesn’t work to press on the power-up button on the map when in split screen mode, and similarly you can’t press on your arrow on the map to give ride-ons to nearby riders.

Please, Zwift, fix the Map screen of the Companion for split-screen mode. The rest of the Companion seems to work fine, e.g, the Dashboard. But you can’t do everything from the Dashboard (e.g. activate power-ups and give multiple ride-ons). This is in Android 10.