Spin Class Console?

Occasionally I like to do an online spin class. Any chance you could develop a “spin bike console” that would show basic information (HR, cadence, power level, time, calories) and a “+” and “-“ button that would enable us to vary the resistance without shifting gears?

Hi @Craig_Blackburn, welcome to the forums.

I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for this type of a feature as it really isn’t the core concept around Zwift. You might be able to achieve what you want using a custom workout and using ERG mode however, assuming you have a smart trainer.

Create a custom workout that is just one long zone 2 effort. While doing the workout you can use the companion app to increase and decrease the workout bias, essentially increasing or decreasing the resistance.

I suspect you could use the QZ app for what you need. It’s cheap and the author (@Roberto_Viola) will provide support.


yes the qz app can do it! let me know if you need help to setup it!