Speed sensor 2 Garmin in mph

I´m using Garmin speed sensor 2 for Zwift. The sensor speed works perfect in my fenix clock and the data is show in kmh. All my configurations in Garmin and Zwift are in metrics. However, when I detect the speed sensor in Zwift, the speed appears in mph. I have tested in Android (ANT and Bluetooth), Ipad and PC (only bluetooth). In all of them, the speed appears in mph.
The data that appears in mph is the same that appears in my clock in kmh, so this makes me go faster in Zwift.
Do you know how to made to obtain the speed in kmh in Zwift?

Hi Sergio, you can change to metric in your preferences. But note that the speed in Zwift is not related directly to your wheel speed. The wheel speed and trainer type is used in a calculation to estimate power. The in game speed then uses that power, but takes into account gradient, road surface, drafting bike type etc. in the virtual world, to give a virtual speed.

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Hi Neil,
Thanks for your answer. I know that the speed is not related directly with the speed of the sensor. However, my speed in Zwift is very high and it looks like that the speed of the sensor pass to Zwift in mph, instead of kmh. When I detect the sensor the speed appears in mph and is the same that appears in my clock in kmh. In other apps I can ser the speed in kmh also. How can I see the speed of this capture in kmh?

Hi Sergio,

Did you end up finding out more about it? I have the same thing.

Regards J