Speed doesn’t display correctly


I need you help. I have a Tacx Neo 2T perfectly working. Last week suddenly the trainer start to not working properly. It connects to zwift, and after a bit the watts and rpm seems to be okay but speed is for sure not Okay.

Since the tacx had some time I thought might be a hardware problem and I got an elite direto x, I set it up, but the problem persists.

I use a Samsung tablet to run zwift, with up to date software versions, both for device and zwift apps.

Any ideas how to solve it?

Check that your weight is set correctly in the game

Already checked. It’s properly configured.

Hi @Joao_Jose_PTz

Speed in Zwift is determined by many variables, but as a rule if your power readings seem correct and if your weight is correct, then you can generally trust that the speed is what it’s supposed to be.

I’d suggest this article for added context.

Tks. But it’s not supposed that in a hill the speed doesn’t go beyond 4 km/h and watts could be up to 280 or higher. Something is not working properly. The avatar seems to be stopped. with everyone passing by.

Just as reference in the last training I was able to do roughly 14,9km in one hour…

Is this only happening on certain worlds and routes or is it all hills on all routes? What percentage is the gradient when you you notice the speeds drop that low?

From what I was able to check it happens in all routes, but only on hills. For example the last test was at 3%…

It can be tough to get attention on speed issues from the Zwift developers because historically there have been a lot of issues or complaints from the community about speed in Zwift. Some riders expect the speeds to perfectly match what they see when they ride outdoors, but this is not always feasible in Zwift.

If you’re convinced there’s a problem, then it might help us to get attention on the issue if you’re able to record a video as an example showing the slow speeds despite very high watts. Send the video to Zwift tech support and we’ll take a look.

You can contact us here.

I already saw in some place that might be android problems. I will try with an iOS device and other android just to clear out if the problem is from the android device that I am using. But the direto x is new, so the problem could not be from the trainer…

I will try to record a video also to support it.

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Good idea! If you can try an iOS device or a computer for Zwift, this will help to identify if the problem is isolated to Android.

Hi there. After two test sessions the behavior remains the same . Should I submit a support request through the contact already shared?

Hi @Joao_Jose_PTz

Yes, I would advise that you contact Zwift support regarding this matter.

For your convenience, you can start here.

This is very weird… I must say…

I would like to thanks everyone involved. After the analysys of the team they found Out that the weight was not correct as previously mentioned here. Because I am helping a friend I was not aware that inside the game there is also a Weight definitivos. Thanks for the support.