Speed and Cadence incorrect after workout

Having an issue on Zwift that is 100% repeatable. Scenario is I do a workout, complete it and then stay in the world I was. After that, the speed/cadence/power seem all wrong. For example, I did a workout on the Richmond UCI loop and wanted to do the last two climbs after I was done with it. First climb (Libby Hill) went fine and I put in a nice bit of power to the top, everything felt normal. I was planning to spin along the downhill until the next climb down the steep hill. Hit the downhill at ~130 watts and 85 rpm. From past experience I should have been cruising down at around 50km/h, but my reported speed was far lower at 29km/h. I stopped the ride, quit Zwift and recalibrated my Kickr Core as I thought that could be the problem. I didn’t want to go back in an ride anymore, so I assumed all was good. Today (3 days later) I’m on the Yorkshire Tour of Tewit Well loop doing another workout. ERG mode does its thing and all seems well. After the workout I’m cruising along for a minute or two and come to a steep downhill part of the loop. Again Zwift holds me at ~140 watts and ~29km/h no matter how much harder I pedaled. The start of the workout had the same power numbers and my companion app was showing the power reading flickering up and down between 140 watts and a higher number. I should have been going much faster. Based on this it appears to me as if Zwift is still trying to control the Kicker unit after the workout is done. I quit the session and went back in without a workout selected, pedaled down a shorter downhill section of the same loop and hit 50km/h easy with around 250 watts. Anyone else having a similar issue?

Just curious if you have updated to the most recent firmware on the Kickr, I’m not sure if it will resolve your issue or not, but it may? The newest firmware was just recently released on Oct. 13th.

I have a similar problem with speed capping after I stay in an Event. It can be also repeated but in my case is triggered by pressing the up key on the keyboard. From that time on I cannot go any faster than 24km/h or, what might the real capping: 15mph.

Sounds like it is related to the U turn bug:

Yeah. Just read it. It seems to be the U-Turn Bug.


I did the firmware upgrade on the Kickr when I did the calibration. So looks like it’s a known bug, thanks for the feedback everyone. Appreciate it, I thought my Kickr was on the fritz