Speech Bubbles for tactical racing

Can we have a system for displaying text msgs only to the people directly around you whilst racing. As a simple implementation, as a speech bubble displaying on the authors avatar. This message would only be visible to the riders who are close enough to see it. This would be a major benefit in races where you want to push with a group you’re in, either to hold off a chasing group or to try and bridge another without alerting them to what you are trying to achieve.

I’ve thought about this too… but sometimes you’re in a mixed group. Better would be able to set-up a private group chat (akin to when you select a rider’s icon from the messaging window on the Zwift Companion App), but directing the private content to multiple, pre-selected riders. At present, ZCA only facilitates messaging to ONE other rider at a time.

This issue came up for me last evening whilst participating in a Tour of Watopia, when I was subjected to continual messaging amongst a group within the group who were doing a workout! Worse still, the messaging was in a second language (with which I have fluency). With an implementation like this, you would be able to message your 'mates (setting up their names in advance of the race, obviously) in the race privately, even if there were an interloper in your midst! You could then spring a sticky draft trap for the interloper, and slingshot your sprinter! Good idea!

The interface is already present. Just need to add “group chat”…

If I want to talk to team mates I’ll use Discord. I was thinking that it would work like if you were talking, only those that are in close proximity to you would be able to ‘hear’ it. As your avatar moved further away it would be more difficult to read.


I had the same situation today. I wanted to give a message to just the riders in my group and had to say "B± 20 ". At the same time, I gave away information to others that ideally should not have gotten the message.