Specific rehab jersey

I broke my hip 20 weeks ago. I was pinned together successfully and I’m now in rehab building my strength up again. I’m using Zwift for all my riding until I build enough fitness and strength until I can go back on the road and complement my training with Zwift.

The recovery is slow. I’ve put the word (rehab) after my name on Zwift. This encourages some riders to give me a “ride on”, which is very motivational. It would be really nice if there was a specific rehab jersey that I could wear. This I’m sure would even attract more “ride ons”?

Is this an idea you think you could implement?

Good luck with the rehab and getting back on the road, the human body is resilient especially when you give it the business.

I like the idea, and maybe a good way to bring the jersey into zwift would be a charity group ride every once in a while. The red cross foundation seems applicable and would denote an injured rider well. You could earn the injured/recovering/just hungover jersey by completing the group ride for Red Cross, which would encourage donations but not require them.

Some thoughts on the jersey:


But maybe more stylish like,


BUT with a red cross.

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