Specialized Taramac vs Specialized Taramac Pro

I just earned the Specialized Taramac from completing the Ride California. I don’t see information about the flat or climbing comparisons to other frames. Is this compatible to the Specialized Taramac Pro? Should I use it for climbing with the ESE 3.4 wheels only?

Check Zwift Insider for frames and wheels.


Thanks for the information, I looked their but still do not see information on the Taramac just the Taramac Pro frame.

Tarmac Pro is the fastest climbing bike (as of Nov 3 2020 - there may be an update test on ZwiftInsider but you can search for that). Tarmac is the #4 fastest climbing bike (Correction #4 is Tarmac SL7) So yes there is a difference. The free Tarmac is an okay climbing bike but the Pro will climb faster.

Thank you

What is interesting is if you go into the garage and look at both frames the wording that describes them is exactly the same. That is why I am confused. Thanks again fir the info. I do also have the Cannandale Evo should I just use that for now?

If you have that it’s the same speed as the Tarmac Pro at less cost. Equip it with the best lightweight wheels you have available for climbing routes and you’ll be good to go.

We spend a lot of time discussing bikes and wheels, but of the 3 variables: fitness level, race/ride craft and virtual equipment, the equipment is the least influential.
That’s the traditional line but the mtb frame in the jungle is probably the one place where equipment makes a noticable difference.