Tarmac Pro or Tarmac S Works

I’m reading that the Tarmac Pro is the greatest climbing bike on https://zwiftinsider.com/fastest-bike-frames-for-climbing/

Just started (level 9) and doing the California Challenge, on completion I get the Tarmac S Works.
Do I buy the Tarmac Pro 408300 drops or is the Tarmac S Works just as good given the identical aero/weight stars?

Has both down as
Weight 4 (presume 4 is lighter than 1?)
Aero 2
Or is it the exact same bike in which case just complete the challenge, buy some 808s and commence Everest?

Tarmac pro is the fastest climbing frame for Zwift apparently.

The tarmac pro is better than the s works, zwift is weird like that sometimes.

As for spending your drops on the tarmac pro, once you start the Everest challenge you will earn a trek emonda that’s free and one of the best climbing frames. Getting to Everest once is pretty quick, it’s the grind for the Tron bike that takes a long time