Specialized chisel - can I fit it on my Wahoo Kickr Core? 142x12mm thru axle spacing... no boo

Hi guys! I recently got a Specialized Chisel and am wondering if I could fit it on a Wahoo kickr core or if I would need a different freehub body.

The Chisel has standard 142x12mm thru axle spacing, so the rear hub width should be no problem.

But the cassete is a SRAM PG-1210 Eagle, 11-50t… does this cassette require the Wahoo secondary XDR freehub body? Or could I just use it with the hub that came with the kickr core? What about getting a different 12 speed (but Shimano) cassette?

Any advice on this would be appreciated!

The PG-1210 has the Hyperglide spline, fits Shimano compatible freehubs. This means you’re limited to an 11 tooth high gear. Going to XDR would give you the option of a 10 tooth high gear if that makes a difference for you.

Since you are presumably using a SRAM Eagle chain I would stick with Eagle cassettes designed to work with it.

Thanks Paul, so basically you’re saying the cassette will just slide on the kickr core hub and I’m good to go?

How do you know which cassettes have powerspline vs an xdr body?

Yeah the freehub should be the same as your wheel. You will need a Shimano Hyperglide cassette tool and a chain whip.

I looked up the PG-1210 on the SRAM website. The clues are that it says it fits 8/9/10 splined freehub bodies, and the fact that it has an 11 tooth small cog.