Some newbie questions

Hi all, I searched the forum first for an answer but couldn’t find them so sorry if this has been asked before:

  1. I was doing a group ride this evening. It was a group D only ride.
    I started somewhere in the middle I think. After 5 minutes I got a ’ RETURN TO GROUP’ message with a timer.
    That surprised me since I hardly changed positions with my fellow riders.
    I did not know if I should speed up to get to the front or let other riders pass me… so first I started a sprint, overtaking other riders, but that did not help. With 30 seconds to go I almost stopped riding and let everybody overtake me.
    The timer continued and after 60 seconds I was kicked.

What should I do in a case like this? Why is there no ’ speed up’ or ’ let others pass you’ message to let me know what I’m doing wrong?

  1. In other races I started wondering if my calibration (Wahoo Kickr Core) was ok. Sometimes while I maintained the same speed, the whole pack around me suddenly were way faster than me. A couple of minutes later I overtook them all again, while maintaing the same speed in real life.
    I just read that group workout has a rubberband feature to keep the pack close, so I guess that was the case here. Do group -rides- also have this rubberband feature? Is there any way I can see if rubberbanding is being used in an event?

  2. I was doing a free run in Richmond. While riding I forgot how much miles/km the lap was. Is there a way with the companion app to see how much the distance to the start/finish line is?

Welcome to Zwift @Andre_Warringa

  1. That is the message you get when the fence is turned on. The fence is in front of the ride leader, anybody that is in front of the fence will get that message. the best place to be is next to the ride leader (indicated by the yellow beacon above his/her head)

The fence is indicated by the Red banner. You should always stay behind it.

No only group workouts have this feature.

  1. Not that I know of. This is my go to

Thanks for the fast reply Gerrie! I’m absolutely sure there was no ride leader or the red fence in front of me. It was a group D ride and numerous people were in front of me, so if I would have passed the leader or fence, everybody in front of me would also have been kicked out right? Yet I was the only one…

In other rides I did see the red fence and it was obvious that I should stay behind it, but in this case it seems more like a… bug?

Thx for clearing up the other questions :slight_smile:

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Can you remember what the ride was called? I would like to have a look at it.

Unfortunately I don’t… and I didn’t save that ride so I can’t look it up anymore.
Just to be clear - I was trying to say there was no race leader or fence directly in front of me, but a lot of other group D riders were.
When I stopped cycling to let the drivers behind me pass me, there was also no race leader or fence that overtook me.

That’s why I couldn’t understand why I got that Return to group message :-/

If this happens again I’ll note the ride name and post it here :slight_smile: