Solution for Ryzer always in the middle of the road?

Why is Rizer always in the middle of the road, even after pairing?

It’s not. If you give more detail I’m sure we can help

I am not sure of what you need, but here it goes. Every time i used zwift i ride a few kilometers and then i perform a calibration of my trainer Elite DirettoXR and Elite Ryzer. Then i start a ride or a program. Almost instantly i end up riding the middle line of the road. Furthermore, in London i crash through all the center statue lol! But it keeps following the course!!!

The Rizer has steering, correct? Have you tried steering so you’re not in the middle of the road? This seems somehow too obvious of a solution.

In reality you don’t need to calibrate the Rizer each time.

Are you saying it’s not steering at all?

Or are you saying you are being pinned to one side of the road ie. On the right in London and therefore you are riding along the centre on the carriageway?
Does it pin you to the left in Watopia?

There is an issue with London where you end up going through the monuments in the centre.

Yes I did, and yes it correct the trajectory, but it will go back in the center of the road after a little while.

Maybe that’s intentional. Just like in real life, you have to keep steering to be where you want to be?