Solo workout and drafting

When doing a solo workout are you draftable and can you draft others? I ask because it seems when I am doing a workout, there is almost always 1 rider that will ride your wheel, then pass, then you pass them,… this back and forth is rather distracting.

Yes you can draft and be drafted. Except if you are on a TT bike then you can’t draft.

It would be nice if you couldn’t draft or be draftable in a solo workout without having to use a TT bike. When a person is drafting you it really takes away from ones workout, making your workout plan moot when you have to pull more watts because someone is riding your wheel.

You are not the first person saying this. Even if you are not draftable, people like Zwift because it is sosial and they like to ride together. It is natural for people to ride with other people.

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As a workaround, you can create a meetup that shows nobody but the participants. The second participant can be someone who won’t show up.

Why? Just do your workout.


Someone drafting off you doesn’t mean you have to put out more watts.

IRL someone drafting off you actually gives you a benefit as well. Not sure they do that in Zwift. But it def doesn’t make anything harder for you.