Smart trainer only races please

Are there any events or races solely for smart trainers only . Im around 250 races into Zwift and many miles on the bike .ive yo yoed between c cat and b cat .
Im 73 kg pretty fit recently completed the 8 week tt tune up workout which was tough but raised my ftp to 266 .
Loved the workouts but then dipped my toe back into the mixed cat racing and all the old rage came flooding back.
Its so demoralising and deflating to be savaged by riders who knowingly have bad setups or riders who are non the wiser as to their mega watts eating machines .
Ive in the past engaged with zwift around this issue but they dont care .
They throw us all in together and let us tear chunks out of each other attempting to police this nonsense .
Yes this is sour grapes and i guess the answer is accept its only a game and yes my fitness is pretty solid but i would just love a ride for like for like trainers…
I shouldnt feel demoralised after a 1 hour 30 min ride and 1300 calories i should feel elated but the zwift racing as it is leaves me demotivated .
Ive been here before its a pure mental thing but why cant we have races / events for like for like equipment.
Just interested to hear the thoughts of the zwift community?

There are races which don’t allow (in terms of Zwiftpower results, that is, Zwift doesn’t stop them from riding) Zpower, i.e. dumb trainers.

Organise it yourself - use a MeetUp and invite only those with the same trainer as you.

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I don’t think smart trainer races are the answer to your issue.
I seldom see a ZP user in the rides I do.
I’m sure there are uncalibrated setups but they all show up as “smart trainer”.

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