Smart Trainer Mileage( how many miles on yours???)

(james hunt) #1

How many miles has your smart trainer done? What type of trainer is it? Have you had any issues with it?
It would be great if prospective smart trainer customers could get an idea of what type of milage to expect from a given trainer and any types of maintenance issues that may arise during those miles.

(Stuart Middlecoate) #2

I started with a Tacx Vortex.  I killed it after 1 year and 3000 miles.

Had it repaired under warranty and a year later I’d killed it after another 3000 miles.  Both times the bearings went.

It’s been repaired again but after the 2nd failure I bought a Neo.  So far so good.

In my opinion the customer service of Tacx leaves a lot to be desired.  Generally for warranty repairs you’ll be turbo-less for about a month.




(Steve Copeland) #3

My Tacx Neo has about 1000miles on it now and still going strong. 

(Lynette Curtiss) #4

My KICKR has 4,724 miles.  My husband has a KICKR as well and his has 2,914 miles.  No issues to report for either one.

(Don Parfitt) #5

Just topped 5,000 miles on my Elite Turbo Muin B+ and it’s still running like new.

(Don Parfitt) #6

Just topped 5,000 miles on my Elite Turbo Muin B+ and it’s still running like new.

(Russell Zeckner) #7

A bit over 2300 mile and almost exactly 1 year on my Kickr.  No problem with Kickr but Wahoo replaced the cadence sensor that came with it because it was eating more than 1 battery a week.  Great customer service from Wahoo.

(Shaun Elphick V52) #8

I have done over 3500 miles on my Kickr V1,  its still running sweetly.  

(Henning Nieboer ZRG (B)) #9

My Elite Drivo has now 6.647,5 km in 13 months and feels like new :wink:

(Stuart Middlecoate) #10

Seems that direct drive wins hands down

(james hunt) #11

Thank you to those who have commented, I now have a wahoo kickr in part thanks to your shared information. I’m absolutely loving it, and feel I have made an extremely good investment. So kudos to you all.