Smart Trainer drive belt issues - ticking noise


I bought my current smart trainer a little over 24 months ago and have been Zwifting happily ever since. Unfortunately, last week I noticed some issues with my (direct drive) smart trainer. My power output on Zwift seemed to have dropped by about 50 Watts when doing similar efforts. I also noticed a weird ticking noise from my trainer. On taking a closer look, it appeared the drive belt for the fly wheel had some damage and tears. (See pictures attached, taken through the housing)

Is this normal ‘wear and tear’ for a trainer of 24 months? Or should consider buying my next smart trainer from a different brand?

Looking forward to reading your thoughts and opinions!

See how it works after you’ve replace the belt.

Not any different to a vehicles drive belt (timing or alternator) or compressor pump drive belt. They all eventually either wear, stretch or perish with age.

Before looking at buying from manufacturer at no doubt a premium price. If you can see the numbers written on the belt or, if you can remove the belt. Try some of your local bearing services dealers as they might be able to supply a replacement at a much reduced cost.