HT choice after broken elite direto

Hi there,
I was a happy owner of an elite direto (version 2019) until last week when a strange sound came out of it with some friction perturbing my rides. Customer service told me how to fix the problem myself (just untighten the screw, put some glue and retighten everything). Easy to say but impossible to realize for me, the screw was too tighten and I broke it and the belt broke at the same time, never understood why. Problem is that the trainer is 2.5 years old so I have no warranty.
With this I am looking for a new trainer to replace my direto but I am not ready to go with elite again. 2.5 years is too short for a lifecycle for me.

Which home trainer do you recommend me? I am using an apple 4k TV. Specs of elite direto were fine for me. I am looking more for a most realistic road feel.

Thanks for your answers.

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Hi Pas
Check out the article from dcrainmaker smart cycle trainer guide winter 2020 (google it as I can not attach the link.
It helped me to choose mine.

Normally, ELITE are very helpful and might still send you the necessary components to repair the trainer. Also, for the fix with the knocking sound, there is a document available, which shows all the necessary steps in pictures.
At the moment, availability of trainers will be the major problem with choosing a new one.

Thank you for your replies. Indeed Elite customer service did answer me quickly with the procedures. They also sent me a new belt for free but I haven’t received it yet.
Good to know that I don’t have to change the HT. Else I would have bought a wahoo kicked core.
I am very surprised of the elite customer service.