Smart Scale Weight Verified Achievement/Nearby Rider Icon


Allow users to sync smart scale (Garmin Index, Fitbit Scale, ect) weight to their account.


Those who have sync’d their weight, should earn and achievement and have a weight verified icon next to their name.

The Symbol could be a small scale icon that would be displayed next to where the mobile app icon is.



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Why, what would that prove?

I am for the syncing of the weight, but not the “special” icon. There is no way you can truly verify someone’s weight. 

In my opinion, adding an icon would encourage people to link their weight using a scale. You know, give people more of a reason

It’s not about proving anything. It would simply let other riders know, this person took the time to link their weight. Similar to Strava symbols, Zpower, Mobile, Power Meter, just added information.

I agree, these is no way to truly verify if someone is being honest. You could trick a scale, but I believe the vast majority of people wouldn’t do that.

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There is a part of me that wants to have verification of stats for riders who race, but everything in the user interface is part of the game economy and I have some reservations.  A person’s weight can be a sensitive matter and while what you propose doesn’t intend to display the weight value anywhere, it does invite skepticism for someone if they don’t have a smart scale.

I would tend to apply the “are we having fun” metric to ideas like this.  An environment that gives us a picture of truth (rider A was stronger than rider B) makes for fun racing, but in my observation more measures doesn’t yield more confidence.  Look at the KISS races where you must externally validate a >5wkg performance even if you have the coveted lightning bolt by your name.  I can remember back when we thought racing would be fair if just everyone had a power meter.

I personally would be fine with a periodic weigh-in but I can see this permitting some unpleasant and disparaging view toward those who don’t do it or don’t have an smart scale.

Discrimination to those who don’t want or have the money to buy a special set of scales.

Besides, I could hold on to the towel rail or get my wife to stand on it and result in a much lower weight. I’d have the special icon next to my name, so what would it prove?

Syncing weight would be great. Add the Withings scales as well please;-)

I would love it if Zwift had a way to truly verify weight (I’ve read a lot of comments on these threads that people don’t try for KOM when you see individuals riding 13 W/Kg sustained, why bother). However, I agree with a lot of the comments on this thread, what is proposed here wouldn’t work. I would suspect that those who want to cheat would throw their kid on the scale, or displace weight, etc.

So for now, I just train and enjoy the riding and the workouts and don’t pay too much attention to what the fastest times are…rather I focus on the riders around me who are in the same rough W/Kg range and I enjoy riding with them.

Love the idea, but implementing it seems way too problematic. I thought about local cycling shops getting in on the verification, but as others noted above, plenty of individuals would not want to be subjected to this sensitive topic at their local stores, and I get it.

Not sure how this would improve anything - do people really need to know that I weigh a ton, or will my performance be enough to illustrate???

Hold on to the towel rail…lose a few KG…system got round.

i like this idea being able to have my weight synced so my Zpower is calculated correctly every time i ride.

I like this idea, sorta okay with showing the scale icon but conditionally:

  1. The weight value should be private between the user and Zwift’s algorithms.
  2. The synced value is refreshed on each launch of Zwift, and remembered for a maximum of 2 weeks.

+1 for automatically syncing my latest Garmin Index weight.  Regardless of icons and all that stuff.

+1 for automatically syncing my latest Garmin Index weight. I’d rather not display a weight icon, but would love the convenience of having my weight to be automatically updated.