Racing Cat Notification

I was racing this morning and afterwords I had this Idea. 

What if we can have a special Icon next to a riders name if he/she has been over the category limits. But not from the start lets say form about the halve way mark, Zwift knows what each ride average w/kg is. If a rider average for the race is lets say 10% over the limit a Icon gets added to his name. This will indicate to him that he is in the wrong cat and he can slow down and hope to finish within limits he would probably not be in the top part of the results since he need to slow down significantly. setting it at 10% of something higher will also limit people that will use this to sandbag.

It will also help the other riders to see who not to follow in a break away.

I am sure there are other options as well.

This is not about cheating, it just to make races more level.

Eric Min stated on a interview this summer that Zwift is working on eRacing. This is going to be a real issue to design and develop. Maybe the CAT system is not the best one for Zwift (you are a C at 3.19 and with 3.20 you are B -doesn’t make much sense-)

What you ask for is hand-made in most of race series on ZwiftPower (PRS, WBR, KISS, XRS, etc.). the race organizers really have to work very hard (several hours) to get a real results for their races. 

If a racer rest two days before a race, it’s going to have that 5-10% more. The solution is easier, if you want to race you need to have the watts/time graph public (the one that you get after finishing a race). Comparing the overall effort of your last kms compared with the race.

And dont forget that CAT depends of race length. People too upgrade or change trainers or setup. If you get a NEO and try to race at 100% resistance, you will do it worst than another rider with the same setup at 50% resistance (less gear changing).