Slope workout mode to support Wahoo Kickr Climb hills


Since I‘m now using a Kickr Climb, the angle of the trainer is training tool too. I’ve used the workouts on your site and the workout build only allow you to control power in ERG mode. What I was hoping for was a block, like the Z1 - Z6 blocks that you could insert and parametrize with the slope % and, optionally, cadence much like you do with power now. This would put the trainer in SIM mode vice ERG mode to simulate the hill climb for the designated time. The resulting zwo file entry would be something like for a 10 min 3% slope hill at 81% ftp:

<Hill Duration=“600” Power=“0.81449997” Slope=“3" Cadence="75”/>

or a free ride (non erg mode) on a hill:

<FreeRide Duration=“600” InclineRoad=“3">

Maybe something for the next release?

Wow, this looks great! Appreciate all the details, I’ll forward this over :slight_smile:

yes i would like this as well, this was the mode i used on the tacx software training


+1 from me as well - this would be a great enhancement for training mode