Sling for My Left Arm

I am having rotator cuff surgery on the left side next week.4-6 months recovery.

Can my avatar get a Zwift sling?

Oof! I really hope your recovery goes well! Not too sure if we’d program an arm sling in the game, but hey anything’s possible. :) 

Given the number of people who do indoor training after a crash (collarbones and wrist injuries), it might be a selling point to make the Avatars look like them

How about a ‘recovering from injury’ setting under options, which would give a bandage symbol in the rider list.


Like a Red Cross bandage…

All very valid and awesome ideas! You’re right Dave, there are a lot of Zwifters riding because of an outdoor injury. I wouldn’t call that a selling point per se’, but making everyone feel represented by their avatar is always the best customization option, in my opinion. :)